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constrained space, free subject

from june 27th to august 29th Cazère
constrained space, free subject

The PAHLM association promotes local cultural projects involving artists and inhabitants.
In this spirit and within the framework of social distancing, the exhibition "Espace contraint, sujet libre" (Constrained space, free subject) proposes that art be within everyone's reach, visible to all audiences from the street.
During the confinement, many artists have produced singular images that also express the resilience of art and artists. PAHLM also wanted to pay tribute to them.
This project also contributes to revitalizing the heart of the village, enhancing the windows of participating businesses and giving renewed interest to empty shop windows.
This exhibition will bring together 36 images by 26 artists from Occitania and elsewhere. It will be visible from the public space as the posters will be installed behind the windows of the empty or active shops in the town of Cazères sur Garonne.
The artists have proposed these images, reproductions of drawings, paintings, performances, or photographs, made during the confinement. The reference format is the A0 with a width of 84 cm and respecting in its proportions the size of the original image.
For this project, an artist musician was invited in residence to create, during the month of June, a sound object for each image.
Thus, next to each visual will be installed a QR code referring to a sound: short sound compositions related to the proposed images, the context or places of display as well as a short text written by the artist.

List of invited artists :
Benoit Luisière, Bertrand Segonzac, Caroline Pandelé, Cassandre Fournet, Catherine Branger, Chiara Mulas, Chiara Scarpone, Fabrice Cazenave, Isabelle Souriment, Jacques Fournel, Jean-Claude Millot, Jérôme Souillot, Julie Maquet, Julie Maresq, Juliette Même, Karine Bonneval, Manuel Pomar, Marianne Plo, Nicolas Daubannes, Océane Moussé, Olivier Nottellet, Pierre Lebas, Sophia El Moktar, Stéphanie Barbon, Valérie Du Chéné, Véronique Barthe, yoyo Gonthier.

Musician: Patrice Soletti


  • constrained space, free subject