Nuit Blanche : and if earth was in the center ?

October 3, 2020
Nuit Blanche : and if earth was in the center ?

Seven artists will take over the Groues neighborhood on Saturday, October 3: Karine Bonneval, Teresa Dillon, Elek Ember, Sean Hart, Josèfa Ntjam, the Fredandco Company and Fabian Knecht.
Like the roots of the wild plants of the Groues, their creations unfold in the city in progress: luminous installations, immersive experiences, sensory devices, traveling trees and other magical meditations.
An urban and naturalist stroll through a series of works that question our relationship to the living whole.
What if the Earth, finally, was at the center?
? DEPARTURE: Continuous from the Nanterre-Préfecture train station from 7:00 pm to 12:30 am. ? Exit Terrasses de l'Arche
? ARRIVAL: Jardin urbain Vive Les Groues, 290 rue de la Garenne, Nanterre. Bar and performances until 1:00 am.
Proposed by Le Twist, equipment in prefiguration worn by Mains d'Œuvres, LaMain9-3.0, Creative Valley and Ville de Nanterre. All this, of course, at Vive Les Groues!
In partnership with BNP Paribas Immobilier Résidentiel, Marignan, Actes IF, TRAM, Métropole du Grand Paris, Ville de Nanterre, La Société du Grand Paris and Paris La Défense.
?Commissariat : Fazette Bordage - Thomas Charil.
?Production : Romain Semeteys, Lukasz Drygas

Le bruissement des solides

September 25, 2020
Le bruissement des solides


FROM 25/09 TO 11/10


Karine Bonneval and Chloé Silbano present a series of paintings and sculptures that revolve around ways of being on earth; territories, uses, tools. This dialogue between their practices began last year with the exhibition Dé-jardiner, at Gr_und, in Berlin.


May 19, 2020

Dendromiacy (in intimacy with the tree), directed in collaboration with Claire Damesin, ecophysiologist, in the selection of Théo De Lyanis from the Collective Jeune Cinéma for the Jeu de Paume.…/de-confines-de-tous-pays/

Mélodies en sous sol, article in Libération by Christelle Granja

April 28, 2020
Mélodies en sous sol, article in Libération by Christelle Granja
Swarming humus, crackling glaciers, crystalline symphonies... When the artists reveal the soundtrack of the planet, our ears discover an unknown world.

Logbook 46, Maison de la Culture Bourges

April 27, 2020
Logbook 46, Maison de la Culture Bourges

Cartoon Chronicle # 46

Drawings: Cathy Beauvallet
Text: Dominique Delajot

Concordanse sauvage

March 12, 2020
Concordanse sauvage

Arteppes, Mikado art center, Annecy
opening on Thursday 12 March at 6.30 pm
exhibition from March 12 to April 25

Sarah Battaglia and Karine Bonneval

"Concordance is the salt of the wild life, which makes its adventure on earth exciting. (...) An anthropomorphism of symbiosis. "Guillaume Logé, Wild Renaissance

"Embracing your shadow in a dream
my bones bent like flowers."
Alejandra Pizarnik, Approximations, Bueno Aires 1956-1958

Concordanse sauvage is this sensitive dialogue that is danced between the animal and plant world. Lulled by the delicate curves of nature in perpetual motion, the exhibition is lived and revealed, with harmony, through the universe of two women artists, Karine Bonneval and Sarah Battaglia.

The bone, inserted by the presence of the ceramic bundle, makes the link between plant and vertebrate beings. In my imagination the bone is present in the forest, in the subsoil, it makes the link with the vegetable kingdom.
Sarah Battaglia

Plants have a different way of being in the world than we do. How do we move with them?
How can we listen to what is happening around us, but also under our feet?
Karine Bonneval


Living Planet: The sound of soil

March 2, 2020
Living Planet: The sound of soil

Radio DW Akademie
Have you ever wondered what soil sounds like? No? Even ecology professor Mathias Rillig, who runs a lab at Berlin’s Free University researching soil, plants and fungus, had never thought about the sound of soil. That's until he started working with artist Karine Bonneval, who was determined to listen to what’s going on underground.

Article in Nature

February 27, 2020
Article in Nature

The artist who co-authored a paper and expanded my professional network
Karine Bonneval’s residency in Matthias Rillig’s lab, and a question he first dismissed as silly, had unexpected consequences for each of them.

link to the article

Nature from HHumboldt, Art meets Science- Matinee im Botanischen Garten Berlin

February 2, 2020
Nature from HHumboldt, Art meets Science- Matinee im Botanischen Garten Berlin

Karine Bonneval, Artist
Matthias Rillig, Plant Ecologist, Freie Universität Berlin
Can listen to the soil, what sounds could it make? We walk on a complete universe, a complex mixture of living beings, nutrients and minerals in constant interaction. Artist Karine Bonneval and plant ecologist Matthias Rillig started collaborating in 2016 – exploring the acoustic information carried by the soil. By making its voice heard, they open up new vistas of the world around us.

2 conversations : 11 am and noon, greenhouse of the botanical garden, Berlin

Daniel et Niana Carasso 's founding, Composing knowledge

December 17, 2019
Daniel et Niana Carasso 's founding, Composing knowledge

Launched for the first time in 2015, the call for projects "Composing knowledge to better understand the challenges of the contemporary world" aims to support transdisciplinary and collaborative knowledge production. The Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation is convinced that in order to meet the challenges of today's society, it is necessary to create spaces for the hybridization of knowledge between science and the humanities, the arts and society.
Vertimus: Supported by Studio Décalé, an independent association specialising in art and science, the project was conceived by the visual artist Karine Bonneval, in partnership with researchers (French and foreign) specialised in plants. This project calls on a wide range of knowledge and know-how: scientific knowledge with the involvement of INRA; artistic techniques with the visual artist Karine Bonneval, the performer Emilie Pouzet, the composer Emmanuel Hubaut, the curator Natacha Seignolles; philosophical theories contributed by the philosopher of ethics Karen Houle. The project aims to give citizens new keys to read living things in order to develop empathy with the plant world around us and thus understand our environment with a new perspective.