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From May 5th to 28th 2012 POCTB's Borne, La Châtre

In my work, I try to observe the world around me in order to offer a side view of our western ways of life. To do this, I use means often linked to know-how, in order to create sculptures, sometimes staged in filmed fictions, where this universe parallel to ours that I imagine unfolds. My installations play with definitions of the natural and the artificial.

"Let's go! "is a series of pieces that deal with our particular relationship with the automobile. The car is sometimes treated with so much respect that one might think it is a living being in its own right. For my sculptures, I started with the forms of the ford mustang, a car that already in its appearance evokes something living. Historically, it was the first sports car (in American: muscle car! ) to be sold at an affordable price, the dream of speed within the reach of the average American.

The materials used for this series are often far removed from the materials that traditionally refer to the car, such as soft and supple materials, as opposed to chrome metal and tuning.

From this was born octopuss, a skai engine with tentacles, which is a kind of hybridisation between mechanics and marine animals. It is also a reference to the country of origin and the time of manufacture of the ford mustang, the 60s. Pop'art is indeed an American artistic movement of this period, and one artist of this movement, Claes Oldenburg, converted ceramics and metal for bathrooms, telephones, typewriters and others into upholstered fabric and vinyl. Solid objects become flexible and malleable, they hang, hang on walls or are placed on the floor and interact with things in their environment. Suddenly the familiar in our society becomes strange.

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Karine Bonneval et Sébastien Pons