Vertimus, lecture, Milstein auditorium, Milstein auditorium, Cornell, Ithaca, 5.15 pm

October 28, 2019
Vertimus, lecture, Milstein auditorium, Milstein auditorium, Cornell, Ithaca, 5.15 pm

Bonneval will present her collaborative projects across art and science around the topic of trees. She will discuss Dendromacy, a series of workshops, installations, and films developed with teams of ecophysiologists that considers tree intimacies and rethinking trees; Listen to the soil, a collaboration with fungi specialists, microbiologists, bioacousticians, and soil scientists from Paris, Berlin, and Ithaca that is based on recent research on linkages between sound, soil, plant root behavior, and fungi; and Vertimus, or, how to move with plants, a collaborative project with Eric Badel from PIAF, INRA Lab in Clermont Ferrand, France.


Cornell Cronicle

October 24, 2019
Cornell Cronicle

Art and science provide fertile ground for research, teaching
By Daniel Aloi


OU\ /ERT Phytophilie – Chlorophobie – Savoirs Situés

October 18, 2019
OU\ /ERT Phytophilie – Chlorophobie – Savoirs Situés

Unveil the green with more than 30 international artists.

Communicate with plants, update their relationship with witchcraft knowledge, invent eco-technical systems where humans become superfluous, dance with phytoplankton, plant herbicide resistance gardens or plant virtual trees to compensate for the CO2 footprint of our digital life, perform the sick body with transplants of organs or molecules, or materialize hyper-toxic green pigments, far from images of idealized pastoral nature...


Ecouter la terre, colloque Vivant, les semailles, Agroparistech

October 10, 2019
Ecouter la terre, colloque Vivant, les semailles, Agroparistech

I will have the pleasure of presenting the installation of sound ceramics Ecouter la terre, at 5:30 pm at Agroparis tech as part of the Colloquium Vivant.


Eat the soil

September 28, 2019
Eat the soil

culinary performance
as part of the "Tilting of the Worlds" exhibition
Saturday, September 28th at 12pm at the Maison du conte
Free on reservation: 01 56 56 34 08 37

La maison du conte, 8 Albert Thuret Street, 94550 Chevilly-Larue
By RER: RER B to Bourg-la-Reine station (15 mn from Châtelet). Then bus 192 (direction Rungis market): departure from the "Mairie de Bourg-La-Reine" stop. Get off at the stop "Jean Mermoz / Général de Gaulle".
By the TVM: Stop at "Mairie de Chevilly-Larue" (TVM to be taken, among others from the RER A Saint Maur Créteil, metro line 8 Créteil Université, RER C Choisy-le-roi, RER D Pompadour and RER B Antony - Croix de Berny). Then 10 min walk, or bus 192 (direction Robinson) or 131 (direction Rungis / La fraternelle RER): departure from the "Mairie de Chevilly-Larue" stop. Get off at the next stop "Jean Mermoz / Général de Gaulle".
By metro: Line 7 to "Villejuif-Louis-Aragon" (terminus), then bus 286, stop "Jean-Mermoz / Général-de-Gaulle". Or bus 131 or 186 at Porte d'Italie, stop "Jean-Mermoz / Général-de-Gaulle".
By car from Paris: 15 minutes from the Italian gate.

site Maison du conte

Basculement des mondes

September 27, 2019
Basculement des mondes

Exhibition at the Maison des arts plastiques Rosa Bonheur
From September 27 to November 15, 2019

Cécile Beau, Karine Bonneval, Charlotte Charbonnel, Jérémy Gobé
curators: Pauline Lisowski and Fabienne Leloup

Opening Friday, September 27 at 6:30 pm
Followed by a dance performance by Emilie Pouzet around the Vertimus project
A performance-exploration of plant organizations and movements to invite us to change our perceptions of the natural elements and decompartmentalize, open up and expand our relationship with living things.
Maison des arts plastiques Rosa Bonheur
34 rue Henri cretté – Chevilly Larue
Tél. : 01 56 34 08 37
Free entry
Monday - Tuesday: 2pm-7pm / Wednesday - Thursday - Friday: 2pm-5.30pm / Saturday: 2pm-6pm
Access: RER B "Bourg la Reine" + bus 192, station "Eglise de Chevilly-Larue".
Metro line 7 "Villejuif Louis Aragon" + bus 286, station "Lallier"
Metro line 7 "Porte d'Italie" + bus 131, station "Les Coquelicots".

site MAPRB

artist talk

July 17, 2019
artist talk

Artist talk and roundvisit,
Maltfabrikken, Ebeltoft,
We invite you to share a drink in the new Maltfabrikken art buildings, and you will be the first to be invited to visit the place and participate in the first artistic event!
The French artist Karine Bonneval, resident of the Secret Hotels Earthwise centre in Bogens, will be at the Malting House to present her work. Karine is working on the "Vertimus" project, which focuses on the plant complexity and on the interactions between humans and plants. What if we could hear the mushrooms grow? Or exchange breaths with the trees?

Come, listen, discover with us and tour the buildings of Spritnye with its different sites, its workshops and its artists' residences

Registration at // S.U. 16/7

UN/GREEN Naturally Artificial Intelligences

July 5, 2019
UN/GREEN  Naturally Artificial Intelligences

RIXC Art-Sciences Festival
and Open Fields Conferences
The Lavtian National Museum of Art
Riga, Lettonie
Thursday July 4th, 5 pm
Ungreening Greenness and Naturally Artificial Intelligences
Public keynotes and artist talk : Jens HAUSER, Luc STEELS et Karine BONNEVAL

Friday 5th, 6pm [color=#000000][font=Arial]18h[/font][/color]
UN/GREEN Exhibition vernissage de l'exposition
The Latvian National Museum of Art / The Art Academy of Latvia
commissaires : Jens Hauser, Ras Smite, Raitis Smits

website Public conferences
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Plant me

June 26, 2019
Plant me

 26th of juine
Gr_und, Berlin
Guz is a headdress for a plant and a musician.
The Guzmania and Emmanuel Hubaut (Les Tétines Noires, Dead Sexy, Pest Modern) play together in a deliberately minimal set up, consisting of an electric guitar and some analogical effects.
Going to the end of anthropomorphisation, Plant me is a performance where the plant "speaks", in relation to Emmanuel's guitar improvisations, for an attempt at communication and hybridization tinged with irony.

At 9pm, Gr_und, Seestraße 49, 13347 Berlin

Se planter Naturellement, Malakoff en fête

June 22, 2019
Se planter Naturellement, Malakoff en fête

Se planter
A proposal from Karine Bonneval and the Studio Décalé

Inspired by the films on the movement of plants as they straighten up, Emilie Pouzet proposes a sensitive and sensory journey through the dance gesture. This workshop will be based on the observation-organization of the plant movement. In the meantime, it will be a question of exploring together different movement organizations in order to visit, taste and then activate a dance with and for plants. These notions and discoveries of movements in dialogue with the plant thus invite us to change our perceptions of the natural elements and decompartmentalize / open / widen our relationship with life.

Trained as a graphic designer and dancer, these practices have singularly enriched her field of research between the visual arts and dance. Émilie Pouzet develops performances, installations and videos that question the body and its possible paths of representation.

Conference bent in the wind: this reading is performed by Karen Houle, in an invitation to sink into the posture of a plant subjected to the elements. The reader and her audience must then adapt their position and listening to this unpublished text by the philosopher and poetess teacher in Guelph, Ontario. Plants move, plants use very specific skills and analyses of their environment to adapt. Together we will experience it through all our senses.

Saturday at 2 p.m.: body practice workshops, se planter / 6 p.m.: conference in the wind
Sunday at 2 p.m.: body practice workshops, se planter  / 5 p.m.: conference in the wind