Urbanité verte

June 10, 2022
Urbanité verte

On the proposal of curator Julie Sicault Maillé, the collective exhibition Urbanité verte brings together artistic and citizen projects around the issue of nature in the city. Montreuil's market gardening past inspires, the future of our cities is to be dreamt and built.

The exhibition thus proposes a sensitive and reflective immersion from a fictional city without nature to a city that living beings, plant, animal and human, inhabit together and reinvent.

From a picnic in an urban park to the cultivation of vegetables that evoke our roots or to the sheep that graze in the city, the artists invite us, through their paintings, sculptures, installations, videos and drawings, to listen to Marcel Proust: "The only, the true, the only journey is to change the way we look at things".

With the artists: Vaughn Bell / Yves Bélorgey / Karine Bonneval / Nicolas Boulard / Collectif Enoki / Sylvain Gouraud / Clément Richem / Collectif SAFI / Noémie Sauve / Aurélie Slonina
Parti poétique / Olivier Darné / Antoine Perez
And the projects : Faire circuler la nature en ville (Adel Ourabah, Fred Soupa, Matthieu Marchal, Yaacov Cohen)
- La Table & le Territoire (Zone sensible, COAL, LADYSS-CNRS)


open days of the INRAe PIAF, Clermont Ferrand

May 14, 2022
open days of the INRAe PIAF, Clermont Ferrand

In the fields, in the orchard or in the lab, research is open to you for two days of discovery. Around various subjects such as biodiversity, grassland ecosystems, tree resistance to bad weather, cereals, adaptation of plants and crops to climate change, our scientists will present their daily work, their research and their results in an entertaining and interactive way.

See you on 14 and 15 May 2022 (2-6pm) at the INRAE site in Crouël (5 chemin de Beaulieu, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand)

I will present the Vertimus installation with Eric Badel



April 19, 2022

During the Printemps de Bourges, at the carré d'Auron, curated by Labomédia.
With Karine Bonneval, Yann Leguay, Sens commun
A proposal for a fertile and invigorating inter-species dialogue, and an offbeat look at current musical production, a walk in these gardens of musical waves.

With Dendromacy, breathing with the tree / listening to the soil / Vertimus, tilting with plants.

Watching plants grow

April 5, 2022
Watching plants grow

at the invitation of Patricia Cartereau
following the artist's residence set up by the CHU of Angers
TALM-Angers, the Distillery
Exhibition from 13 to 29 April 2022
Finissage in the presence of the artists on Tuesday 26 April

Patricia, Cartereau, in her work of drawings and sculptures created in a workshop occupied by plants, questions the notion of care and the passing of time.
I imagined mats inviting us to spend time -in a particular position- with some of these plants.


Trans-generatives 2030

March 31, 2022
Trans-generatives 2030

14 Mar-2 Apr 2022, ICN, Nancy
Conference-event "Impactful Actions for a Sustainable Future through Art & Science"

Listen to the soil : lecture and workshop, thursday, march 31 at 3:00 pm

The conference addresses the sustainable issues of inclusion, diversity, and participatory knowledge creation through the integration of art with the social and natural sciences. It aims to build a regional, national and international network of research, practice and education that introduces the imaginary, symbolic and aesthetic dimensions into functional rationalities, with a view to nurturing and influencing decision-making processes for sustainable transformations.

The communications fall under 3 headings:
(1) integrative understanding of environment-human-non-human ecosystems through advanced descriptive tools.
(2) conditions of collaboration between practitioners and the worlds of research, education and art; analysis of real situations; co-design of innovative models.
(3) participatory experiments at different scales: individual, organisational, community, regional, national, international


Faire oeuvre en cuisine

March 26, 2022
Faire oeuvre en cuisine

Exhibition from 26 March to 29 April at the Maison des arts plastiques Rosa Bonheur, Chevilly Larue.
As part of the festival le Grand Dire.

With Karine Bonneval, Fanny Maugey, Lucie Malbéqui, Emma Bourgin, Hélène Barrier, Marjorie Brunet.

Performances and tastings for the opening on Saturday 26 March from 12:30 to 2:30 pm

The exhibition "Faire oeuvre en cuisine" is an invitation to experiment and share. As you wander around, you will discover, for example, precious carnivorous plants and you will venture into multiple culinary experiences. You can also admire participatory sculptures, enjoy the metamorphosis of beeswax or perhaps venture to devour a minotaur?
Far from focusing solely on the notion of a collective spectacle of the everyday, as is usually the case in many exhibitions or performance events on this theme, "Faire oeuvre en cuisine" allows us to understand the world today through the questions linked to our food and its evolution.


Les émotions à l'oeuvre, la Commanderie, Élancourt

November 10, 2021
Les émotions à l'oeuvre, la Commanderie, Élancourt

Karine Bonneval, Julie C. Fortier and Félicie d'Estienne d'Orves.

by Karine Bonneval (in collaboration with Eric Badel of INRAE PIAF)
An invitation to experience the imbalance that a plant can experience in certain situations and try to imagine what happens next in this video and botanical installation.
Project supported by the Carasso Foundation, the Studio décalé, Antre-Peaux

by Julie C Fortier (in collaboration with chemist Olivier David)
A walk in space and time through 5 fragrant tableaux, corresponding to the perfumes emanating from a garden over 5 different months.

by Félicie d'Estienne d'Orves (in collaboration with the astrophysicist Fabio Acero)
Immersion in the landscape of light spectra created by scientific data to study supernovas, through these two glass paintings, a stage of the project

As part of the Curiositas festival with the University of Paris-Saclay and La Science de l'Art with the Collectif pour la Culture en Essonne.

School visits by reservation, by reservation (can be coupled with the visit of the exhibition Perception(s) de la Recherche)
Meeting with the artists on Wednesday 10 November at 6.30 pm -
reservation at

L'art e(s)t le vivant, PREAC, art and landscape

October 11, 2021
L'art e(s)t le vivant, PREAC, art and landscape

How can the work lead to a new approach to life?
How do recent scientific approaches to life change the way we make art?
How do artists integrate the living into their work?
This course will question art in its relationship with living organisms, whether plant, animal, mycelial or bacterial.
It will be based on works of art and approaches of contemporary artists.

Centre international d'art et du paysage
- Explore, with the artist Karine Bonneval, the relationship between art and living organisms in the form of artistic practice workshops, exchange and discovery of her work at the Centre international d'art et du paysage.
- Discover the group exhibition "La sagesse des lianes", curated by Dénètem Touam Bona, at the Centre d'art from 19 September to 28 November 2021, with an opening open to all on 18 September.
- Meet Dénètem Touam Bona during a practical workshop.
- Discover works in the sculpture wood of the Centre international d'art et du paysage.

Espace Simone Veil, Limoges
- 9am / Round Table / Creating with the living, crossed approaches
Karine Bonneval, visual artist.
Patrick Nadeau, architect and designer.
Gilles Clément, gardener, landscaper, botanist, entomologist, biologist and writer.
Dénètem Touam Bona, philosopher, playwright and curator of the exhibition La sagesse des lianes.
- 2pm/ Conference and feedback
Karine Bonneval and Éric Badel, testimony of an encounter between art and science. Exchange around the hybridization of practices.
Eric Badel, INRAE researcher from the MECA team (BioMÉCAnique intégrative de l'arbre) of the UMR PIAF Physique et physiologie Intégratives de l'Arbre en environnement Fluctuant. A scientific approach to life.
Karine Bonneval, artist, "creates translators to evoke our relations with non-human living beings". The artist presents her work and the way it is crossed by the conceptions of the living, whether they are philosophical, ethical, scientific or artistic.
- Art and the Living: What EAC action?
Design a workshop, a workshop of Artistic and Cultural Education in class around the issue of art and the living with the intervention of the artist Karine Bonneval


Sciences village, la Commanderie, October 9th and 10th

October 9, 2021
Sciences village, la Commanderie, October 9th and 10th

A science village geared towards encounters: scientists, citizens in participatory science programmes.
Exhibitions, workshops, shows, games.
I will present Ecouter la terre, and we will talk about this project with the bioacoustician Fanny Rybak, partner of the project on Sunday at 4pm.

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23e Festival des Cinémas Différents et Expérimentaux de Paris

October 8, 2021
23e Festival des Cinémas Différents et Expérimentaux de Paris

Dendromacy, breathing with the tree will be part of the programming
Aesthetics of the signal, a panoply of filmic hacking
friday, october 8th 2021
8 - 10 pm
Le Lavoir Numérique
4 rue de Freiberg
94250 Gentilly