Berkanan, philosoph gallery, Carla-Bayle

September 16, 2023
Berkanan, philosoph gallery, Carla-Bayle

Exhibition from 16 September to 19 November, opening on 16 September at 6pm.

Berkanan is the proto-Germanic rune for Birch.

The first tree in the Celtic calendar, the birch symbolises birth and renewal. It is the tree that lights up the night, the perfect symbol of the balance between the different forces that oppose each other to make life possible. Its sap and buds can be eaten, and its bark and twigs are used in various crafts around the world. However, when we think of birch today, the first thing we often think of is its pollen, which is among the most allergenic. "Berkanan" is a project co-constructed with Nicolas Visez, an air chemist at LASIRE, the University of Lille, who studies the atmospheric ageing of allergenic anemophilous (wind-borne) pollen grains. Working with him, the artist has designed rooms and workshops to bring the birch back into the family.


Do trees dream of CO2 ? Teatermaskinen, Riddarhyttan, Sweden

September 8, 2023
Do trees dream of CO2 ? Teatermaskinen, Riddarhyttan, Sweden

Welcome to meet Per Hüttner and Karine Bonneval, two artists who create a performance where we get a unique opportunity to experience the inner life of trees.

18.30 - 20.00 People and trees in interaction. Limited number of seats
21.00 - 22.00 Brain concert in trance with Per Hüttner and Jonas Engman.

Creation residency at Grantham Foundation , Saint-Edmond-de-Grantham, Québec

July 3, 2023
Creation residency at Grantham Foundation , Saint-Edmond-de-Grantham, Québec

The Grantham Foundation for Art and the Environment's 2023 Creation Prize has been awarded to Karine Bonneval, along with a one-month residency at the Foundation.

French artist Karine Bonneval has exhibited her work in France, Germany, USA, Argentina, and Sri Lanka. The recipient of many grants and international residencies, she has collaborated in particular with the Soil & Crop Sciences and Bioacoustics departments of Cornell University, USA.

The work that she will carry out at the Grantham Foundation will seek to answer several questions related to soil ecology. What is happening beneath our feet? What does soil tell us about our relationship to the earth? How can we rebuild ties with this complete universe about which we know very little and which escapes our perception? Using the tools of bioacoustics and chromatography, a technique similar to photographic processing, Bonneval intends to paint a visual and sonic picture of the land of the Grantham Foundation and its surroundings.


Usefu fictions, symbiosis

July 1, 2023
Usefu fictions, symbiosis

1 and 2 July at Espace Cardin, 1 avenue Gabriel, Paris 8

At a time of climate disruption, the "Symbiose(s)" weekend organised by the arts & sciences Chair, in partnership with the Théâtre de la Ville, will explore our interdependence with living things, matter and technologies. Two days of exhibitions, performances and lectures to present the creations born of an intensive week of research and creation during the Chaire arts & sciences summer school on the campus of the Institut polytechnique de Paris.
In a DIY spirit, some thirty participants - artists, designers, scientists and students - gathered in 7 interdisciplinary Labs to devise a sensitive dialogue at the crossroads of the arts and sciences.
Phytomorphism workshop in collaboration with Guillaume Hutzler, at the invitation of SIANA.



June 22, 2023

On 22 June 2023, an interdisciplinary day for the general public will be held in the greenhouse on the Orsay campus (Université Paris Saclay, Bât 365). Make your choice of activities. In the afternoon, there will be art/ecology/philosophy and gardening workshops. In the evening, you can listen to botanical texts. Karen Houle, a Canadian poet-philosopher and market gardener, will be in attendance. An exhibition by artist Karine Bonneval will also be on show all day.


Forests nights

June 17, 2023
Forests nights

I am pleased to invite you to our forest day on Saturday 17 June, as part of the Nuits des Forêts,
organised in collaboration with the Friends of Pesselières, in the Berlières woods in Mornay Berry, a forest belonging to Jacques de Rolland Dalon.
From 2.30pm for :
From 3pm to 5pm
Discovering the different aspects of the Berlières forest, with a botanical walk based on questions and silvicultural discoveries in the company of Jacques De Rolland Dalon.
From 5pm to 7pm
Walk and sensory experience in the company of Sonia Couten, forest therapist.
From 7pm
Poetry walk with Ray Partant, performer.
From 8pm
A friendly drink organised by the Friends of Pesselières.
At 9pm
Improvisation on double bass by Nicolas Zentz, listening on carpets by Karine Bonneval.
Meeting point: Bois de Berlières, 18350 Mornay-Berry (47.050000, 2.853976; forest road leading off the D12 between Mornay-Berry and Villequiers).

To register:
website :

possible futures

June 9, 2023
possible futures

The Festival of Transitions at the Château de Goutelas
Meetings - Debates - Workshops - Exhibitions - Shows - Open-air cinema - Meals & parties - Temporary bookshop

The ecological and forward-looking festival at the Château de Goutelas is back for a second edition dedicated to the soil, the "critical zone" that generates life on earth in all its diversity.
Hitherto regarded as a space to be occupied and exploited by humans alone, the soil, nourishing and fragile, must now be seen as a common good to be managed and shared with all living things.
Scientists, thinkers, artists, farmers and citizens: let's get together in Goutelas to take a new direction, to imagine together future "earth alliances"!

full program

Listening to soil and trees, Tuileries garden, June 3rd and 4th

June 3, 2023
Listening to soil and trees, Tuileries garden, June 3rd and 4th

In the Tuileries Gardens, Paris

Using a microphone used in bioacoustics, go and meet the tree, its bark, touch the leaves and plants to hear the sounds live.
touch the leaves and plants to hear the amplified sounds of different textures
of the different textures. Sensual contact is heightened by the rich
The sensual contact is heightened by the rich, unexpected sounds of the living matter revealed beneath our fingers.
With a pair of binaural microphones, listen to the wider natural environment: birds, pollinators, but also human activity. It's like being equipped with super-ears.
Soil is not a simple, inert material; it is a complex, living world in itself.
living world. A healthy soil is a soil full of life, and therefore noisy!
With a sensor designed by a technician in the NeuroPsi biacoustics team
NeuroPsi's biacoustics team, I propose to be able to listen live to the activity of the soil's mega and mesofauna in a very non-intrusive way.

Do trees dream of CO2 ? Kuntsi museum, Vaasa, Finland

May 19, 2023
Do trees dream of CO2 ? Kuntsi museum, Vaasa, Finland

The artists Karine Bonneval and Per Hüttner  are in Ostrobothnia to experiment with the signals they receive from the trees and how they can be used to create interesting sounds in real time.
The work thus provides a platform for interaction between humans and trees. The artists start from the premise that biological research has recently learned how plants perceive the world and solve problems. In this context, 'perceiving the world' means that a plant perceives changes in its environment (for example, light, soil, water and/or heat). Problem solving" means that when a plant's external conditions change, it reacts in a way that increases its chances of survival. The fact that plants absorb information about the environment and can react to changing conditions means that they have a form of internal communication, an internal 'language'.
At the Kuntsi presentation, the artists talk about their work and present the scientific research behind it. The public can see examples of the results they have obtained. Time and space permitting, the public can also try out the technique for themselves.

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April 28, 2023

OMME (MObile Objects and Experimental Music) is a residency during which artists are required to work on the mobile, shadow theatre or sound.
At the end of the residency, the artists Karine Bonneval, Zabo Chabiland, Loran Jacob and Diego Tampanelli will present their work on the theme "soil".

Opening on Friday 28 April at the Saint Jacques de Clohars Carnoët chapel.
Exhibition until May 29th.